[+] Project Information

This project explores the monotony of freeway travel as a necessary and integral part of contemporary urban/suburban existence. Entire 101 Freeway Loop, 91.2 Miles in 82 Minutes began as a stop-motion video animation. I steadied my camera on a tripod between the driver and passenger seats and drove the entirety of the loop using an interval timer to make one photograph for every minutes of travel. Unhappy with the initial animation, I digitally compressed all 82 frames into one apparently single photograph. The result, not unlike an extended-time exposure, gives a glimpse of many different times and places in one frame. Some areas with constant change become just a blur, while other static elements remain sharp and clear. Overtime, the project became less about specifics and more about the overall experience (Rush Hour, One Hour) and grew to embrace the narrative potential of mistakes and failures (Route 60, With Accidental Detour, 46.6 Miles in 62 Minutes).

Entire 101 Freeway Loop, 91.2 Miles in 82 Minutes

Route 60, With Accidental Detour, 46.6 Miles in 62 Minutes

Entire 202 Freeway Loop, 60.9 Miles in 59 Minutes

I-17, 20.7 Miles in 24 Minutes

I-10 Via Van Buren Due to Freeway Closure, 28.4 Miles in 62 Minutes

Rush Hour, 1 Hour  

Bicycle Commute to Tempe, 26 Minutes

Morning Walk to Lightrail, 18 Frames in 900 Paces

Evening Walk Across Campus, 9 Frames in 9 Minutes

Bicycle Commute to Mesa, 28 Minutes

Walking Home From Lightrail, End of Day, 6 Minutes & 26 Seconds