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Lost Shadows investigates a small town on the Utah-Nevada border as a physical intersecting point across culture and time. The small town on the isolated edge of the Bonneville Salt Flats is an amalgamated mix of hotels, casinos, industrial sites, and military land – the unassuming airfield at city’s center inseparably linked to the 1945 bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Looking East  

Beware: Racers, Part Thieves, And Californicators

Military Edifice No. 1  

Target No. 1  

Citizen No. 1  

Dummy Bombs  

Patron No. 1  

Walking the Barracks Fence  

Hangar No. 1  

Hangar No. 2  

Hangar No. 3  

Citizen No. 2  

Target No. 2  

Military Edifice No. 2  

Clay Pigeons No. 1  

Patron No. 2  

Citizen No. 3  

Walking the Airfield Fence  

Spotting Scope (Radar)  

Citizen No. 4  

Flight 8503 Touching Down  

Patron No. 3  

Target No. 3  

Citizen No. 5  


Target No. 4  

Citizen No. 6  

State Line  

Old Barracks Site  

Munitions Bunkers  

Patron No. 4  

Blast Wall  

Citizen No. 7  

Clay Pigeons No. 2  

Patron No. 5  

Spotting Scope (Rear Hatch)  

Citizen No. 8  

Looking West