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In 2009, to enhance the educational efforts of the Phoenix Water Services Department, the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture’s Public Art Program commissioned D. Bryon Darby to explore the story of water. Over the next two years Darby worked closely with the City Water Services Department, the Salt River Project, and the Office of Arts and Culture to create a portfolio of photographic work that stands as a document for future generations.

As a conceptual base, Darby focused his pursuits on tracing the theoretical path of the
Phoenix water supply from Central Phoenix back through the Salt River Project and Central Arizona Project canals to the Salt, Verde, and Colorado rivers while a sub-narrative reveals the mechanical and chemical process of water treatment and production. The resulting body of work is a poetic look at the modern practice and history of water delivery and processing in the desert.

These photographs were commissioned by the City of Phoenix through the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture’s Public Art Program.

Navajo Generating Station, Paige, Arizona

Lake Mead, Nevada  

Visitor Center, Glen Canyon Dam, Utah

Hikers at Roosevelt Lake, Arizona

Hoover Dam, Arizona / Nevada Border

Desert Tubers, Salt River, Arizona

Granite Reef Diversion Dam, Salt River, Arizona

Newly Constucted Hoover Dam Bypass

Saguaro Cacti, Lake Pleasant, Arizona

Glen Canyon Dam, Utah / Arizona Border

Walking the Shoreline, Lake Pleasant, Arizona

Photo Op, Theodore Roosevelt Dam  

Summer Swimmers at the Confluence of the Salt and Verde Rivers, AZ

Marathon Runners, Tempe Town Lake, Tempe, Arizona

Tubers and Trash, Salt River, Arizona

A Break From the Heat, Granite Reef Diversion Dam, Arizona

View From Atop Theodore Roosevelt Dam

Newly Constructed Hoover Dam Bypass  

Arizona Canal, Phoenix, Arizona  

Granite Reef Diversion Dam  

I-8 Crossing the Colorado River, Arizona / California Border

Lone Fisherman, Lake Powell, Arizona / Utah Border

Dry Bed, Salt River, Phoenix, Arizona

Cross-Cut Canal, Tempe, Arizona  

Wahed Out Road, Mesa, Arizona  

Memorial Day Tubers, Salt River, Arizona

Campers, Lake Pleasant, Arizona

Tempe Town Lake, Tempe, Arizona  

Cross-Cut Generating Facility  

Lake Havasu, Arizona / California Border

Colorado River, Grand Canyon, Arizona